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So @noitacude took me to dinner after work tonight and we ate all of this. It was great. (at The Funky Mexican Cantina)


Daniel Clowes - GHOST WORLD - Cover of german edition, Reprodukt 1999

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Vintage ❤️❤️ patch via Pygmy Hippo Shoppe


1956 bride Maria

Floresville, Texas

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It’s Live go buy my handmade Clueless inspired set at CreatedandDated.etsy.com! please do not remove text! please do not reblog to porn/bbw/fetish blogs! thank you!

Urgh I want one!! You look so cute!

Lollies to match my phone case! 🍬🍭😋

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A&P Grand Opening, 1960 © John R. Barker

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Post work meeting / “Welcome home Jess!” Mexican food date! 🌵🍴🍹

Title: You Don't Own Me Artist: Lesley Gore 17,281 plays


Stephanie - Nov. 24, 1961

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